Conversano (Norba apula in Latin) is an Italian town of 25,714 inhabitants in the province of Bari, in Puglia. It is located about 30 km south of Bari, on the first slopes of the Murgia, 219 meters above sea level. Originally from pre-Roman times, in the eleventh century it became the seat of a county covering a significant part of the central-southern Apulia, whose importance was not diminished that with the decline of the feudal structure. Important dioceses and religious center since the Middle Ages, the town is now the seat of the Diocese of Conversano-Monopoli.

From 2011 to the town of Conversano was awarded the title of city.

The territory of Conversano, located in the south-east Murgia or "low Murgia", is largely made ​​up of a very mild slope plateau, whose surface topography slopes towards the coast with a distinctive profile in steps. The overall morphology of the territory bland stops abruptly at the escarpment of the main junction with the coastal plain, about 130-120 m above sea level. The escarpment, with trend NNW-SSE and height varying between about 25 and 40 meters, is engraved by Monsignor ravine, whose vertical walls reach 20-25 meters in height. Being predominantly karst landscape, rainwater are usually quickly conveyed in the complex system of fractures and underground karst channels, after a short path surface. Sometimes, however, they may stagnate in more or less extensive depressions to form lakes: the so-called "lake of Conversano." There is also the presence of numerous caves which, however, can not be visited.


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