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The association Grotte and Trulli organize evening entertainment Pizzica and Taranta typical dance Pugliese on the healthy fun and good taste.
What is the pizzica and the taranta
The pizzica, as well as being played in the festive moments of individual family groups or entire communities, was also the main accompaniment of ritual etnocoreutico tarantismo. Thereby, it was performed by orchestras composed of various instruments - including the emerging tambourine and violin for their rhythmic and melodic characteristics - in order to "exorcise" the women tarantate and heal them, through the frenetic dance to this music unleashed from their evil. Pizzica, played for days or even weeks for the treatment of tarantate, had often its own characteristics, which differed from the one played for dancing. The "pizzica tarantata" - made ​​famous by recordings of the master violinist Louis Stifani - or as some called it, the "taranta", was in fact carried out with a more accelerated pace in general than the classical one played for dancing, and very often the tones were the most popular ones in less capable of "scazzicare" (ie stimulate) the tarantata more easily thanks to the redundant nature and melancholy that minor keys just have.

How to dance??
Pizzica is danced in couples, not necessarily made ​​up of individuals of the same sex. Contrary to what many imagine, lapizzica pinches between men and women was not necessarily a courtship dance. In fact, it was danced mainly in private and family occasions, and on those occasions it was very likely that they were dancing very close relatives, or individuals including intercorreva a big age difference. So the dance between a brother and a sister could become an opportunity for fun and frolic, such as that between an old man and his granddaughter could become a teachable moment from the second of roles, steps and codes typical of dance. Between two men instead often created more tension, or rather, competition, and dance then became a time of challenge in which you are comparing, exhibiting them on skills such as agility, creativity and athleticism. An example of a dance between two men can be found in the tradition of Ostuni, where it is very easy to see two men dancing together and in which one of the two men (or round), makes fun of the other steps and playing comic poses or characteristic of the female dance.

What is the red handkerchief?
Pizzica is characteristic of the "handkerchief", a must-have accessory in clothing of the time, which was used at the time of the dance to invite, fanning the partnerprescelto. Today it is much abused the belief that a handkerchief as a "symbol of love", or real "abandonment" in the hands of the woman, who would give only during the dance the young man who was able to snatch them out of my heart. Although one can not deny in toto that this simple accessory in some cases it could become a real propriosimbolo or token of love that two lovers exchanged during the dance, it is more likely that it was used to animate more dance.