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Place: Alberobello (BA)
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 The beautiful town of Alberobello, unique in the world for its scenery , stretches between two gentle hills separated by a valley that occupies the entire lower section to the south. This open space , now called Largo Martellotta , it was once said of Largo Fogge because occupied by many vats in which was kept the rainwater coming down to the valley to periods of drought .

Largo Martellota actually looks cozy and sunny situation with its wide sidewalks that are home to many dining options as well as activities of small specialized shops in the local handicraft .
The Monumental Area of Alberobello is divided between the Aia Piccola and Rione Monti , both declared National Monument, respectively in 1930 and 1910.
Not only that, but in 1996 the trulli of Alberobello has been declared a World Heritage Site with the following motivation " constitute a unique or at least exceptional testimony to a civilization and a disappearing tradition ; provide an outstanding example ... illustrating a significant stage in human history ; constitute an outstanding example of human settlement representative of a culture .. " .
Once in Largo Martellotta , you are surrounded by a landscape of far-fetched, contaminated by a riot of stones. To the right is a staircase that leads to the Belvedere , next to the church of Santa Lucia , where you can get a complete overview of the immense Rione Monti. Walking through the streets on your right you will come to the ancient square of lamioni then continue in the most enchanting of Alberobello : Aia Piccola. And from here through stone paths , lined with trulli come nicely at the foot of the Rione Monti . Now we have to choose which paved road to do to get to the top of the mountains and get lost again in a country that resembles a fairy tale .
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