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Address: Via Monte Pertica
Place: Alberobello (BA)
Web site: www.santantonioalberobello.it
Phone: +39 080 4324416
Cellular: -
Fax: -
A project all alberobellese : Martin De Leonardis designer, foremen and brothers Francis and Thomas Marzano Cosimo Romano.La base is a Greek cross , on which stands a conical dome 21.50 m high , built with the traditional technique trullo ; the bell tower protrudes from the perimeter and stands independent of the prospectus.
When in 1949 he arrived in Alberobello artist Adolfo Rollo , Don Antonio commissioned several works of embellishment , especially the majestic Christ on the cross that dominates the apse of the church, consecrated to Christ the King and dedicated to St. Anthony of Padua, his time ' hammer of heretics ' . After the armistice of '43 , many returned from the front in Alberobello and organized to expand the family or transfer ; there was population growth and development of the City.
So it became necessary a second parish especially in the populated area and distant mountains and the many districts of the country.
Being now for over 18 years and actively built the Church of St. Anthony, with January 1, 1945 , the Bishop of Conversano turned it into a parish church and named it the Founder Don Antonio Lippolis Bursar Spiritual , nearly pastor .

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