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Place: Alberobello (BA)
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The Museum of the territory Pezzolla House takes its name from the owner , who lived in the second half of 700, Dr. James Pezzolla , personal physician of the Acquaviva d'Aragona , who won courtesy to construct a building with mortar.
The complex is a tangible example of an architectural culture in evolution. In this group of properties , there are two types of buildings : one , more recent, entirely overlooking Piazza XXVII Maggio and which is spread over two floors with tall, narrow facade topped by a triangular tympanum which shows the section of the gable roof covered by chiancarelle ; the other represents the oldest part . The latter is formed by simple organisms and small , mostly single-celled , with those elements characteristic of the typical construction trullo . In contrast to the most modern , in these areas the walls are formed from stones not boxy positioned randomly .
The Museum of the Territory " Pezzolla House " is the only complex of 15 trulli communicating , protected by 'UNESCO as the Rioni Monti and Barnyard Small .


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