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Address: Piazza Roma
Place: Martina Franca (TA)
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The construction of the Palazzo Ducale has developed over a long period, from the seventeenth to the twentieth century. The complex overlooking Piazza Roma - once known as the Castle - was started in 1668 by Petracone Caracciolo V, as noted by the engraving on the portal. The Dukes Caracciolo chose as the place for his residence one in which stood the castle built by the Prince of Taranto, Raimondello del Balzo Orsini, in 1388.

This building is not only praised the role of political, economic and artistic development of the Caracciolo family, but above all, he consecrated the feudal power over the whole duchy, with the massive project of more than three hundred rooms with facilities such as chapels, stables, yard, and neviere theater. The architectural complex was never completed due to the high cost of implementation. It was only partially completed in 1773 when the Duke Francesco III realized most of the east wing. In the following century were added further amendments to the restoration of the complex had with the acquisition of the property by the City Council.

Currently in it are housed the municipal offices and, as a memory of the power of the Caracciolo family in the town of Martina, there is the well-preserved inscription on the entrance portal with the identity of the building, Petracone V Caracciolo, eighth Duke of the city, in AD 1668.

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