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Address: Via Morelli, 28
Place: Locorotondo (BA)
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Phone: 0804315658
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Palazzo Morelli was built in 1819. This building was placed the clock from the Mother Church. In 1870 the building was renovated in parts, ingentilendone the architectural aspect, by superimposing a small circular kiosk that was once one of the smaller bell, at the side of the dome of the church. Currently it is the seat of the Municipal Library of Locorotondo.

On the main facade of the building stands the magnificent imponenete richly decorated portal, which stand out on the family coat of arms and a mask auspicious. Worthy of attention and still well preserved, even the beautiful balconies that bear the features wrought iron railings goose breast, moltre characteristic of Baroque buildings in southern Italy. Walking through the front door, it opens a pretty courtyard, where, around the staircase, you can see a hierarchical distribution of spaces, typical of the houses dominical.

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