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Address: Viale Jonio
Place: Mottola (TA)
Web site: www.mottolaturismo.it
Phone: 099.8867640
Cellular: -
Fax: -

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"Our Land" is a young association, founded in 2008, however, formed by directors, partners and employees who are engaged for over a decade in the field of cultural heritage, environmental and tourism as highly qualified consultants to public and private entities.

The association is characterized as a dynamic organization that specializes in providing solutions in the design and manufacture of packages, travel and tours throughout the provincial and regional levels, in 'organization, also through external partnerships, services related to tourism and cultural environment as book presentations, performances, exhibitions, events, the management of accommodation facilities and non-hotel in the conduct of publishing activities for the enhancement of the natural, historical and cultural environment, the enhancement of local products local and food.

The association Our Lands, fielding all their potential, proposes an idea management modern, innovative and dynamic tourist office of the City of Mottola. First and foremost objective is the enhancement of our territory at 360 degrees from the rock churches ravines, forests to farms, from the historic to the typical products and wine and craft, in an indissoluble union between culture, art, tourism and food and wine.

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