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Address: Strada Vicinale Capone Santa Chiara
Place: Conversano (BA)
Web site: www.polyxena.eu
Phone: -
Cellular: 3392784753
Fax: -

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The project, funded by the announcement Principi Attivi of the Apulia region, is divided according to different guidelines:

  • A butterfly house , about 60 square meters , which is useful to expand the knowledge on the biology of these insects , as well as provide individuals for possible reintroduction. It will be used as a classroom for the original "touch" these animals, thereby creating a new eco- tourist attraction for the area.
  • The production of informative material.
  • Some terrariums for phasmids ("stick insects", "leaf insects", etc...) a way to know, using the direct contact with the animals terrarium.
  • Educational workshops with schools.
  • The production of informative material.
  • A series of initiatives called "Sundays entomophilous" in collaboration with academics and experts in the field of nature.


For more than five years, the components of the Association shall cooperate in the field of the natural restoration, protection and environmental education, having carried out many projects successfully together.

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