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Address: Via Vecchia Conversano, 19
Place: Castellana Grotte (BA)
Web site: www.agrinitti.it
Phone: 080 4961936
Cellular: -
Fax: 080 4961936

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The agricultural production and food processing industry was founded by chemist Vito Nitti back in 1984.

Initially the farm was held only agricultural production activities, in particular the cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus mushrooms, king oyster and button mushrooms. In 1992, Mr. Nitti has experienced a strong need to enhance even more the production of the agricultural products in transforming pickles, sauces, creams, sauces, jams etc..

Continuous and repetitive, even today, refresher courses and research have meant that the company would establish cooperative relations, almost continuous, with the Higher Technical Institutes to address chemical technology, hospitality and agriculture, with the Faculty of Agriculture, University Bari and the Experimental Agronomic Institute of Valenzano. They collaborated with the company carrying out training courses and workshops for technical superiors in the food industry and research on new methods of processing and products.

The farm produces and maintains AGRINITTI vegetables in extra virgin olive oil, using carefully selected raw materials and controlled source, even from a microbiological point of view, without added preservatives or dyes.

Year after year, experiencing pleasure with new products and crops, Agrinitti has increased the type and amount of cultivation in company directly without the use of pesticides and fertilizers to provide even more guarantees of authenticity and security to consumers. In particular, products freshly picked, fresh and quality, are machined to give them the opportunity to make the most of the organoleptic characteristics - sensory.

Preserved vegetables, mushrooms, tomato sauce, canned tomatoes, pasta sauces, pickles, jams, juices, creams and dressings enhance the range, which includes more than one hundred and twenty kinds of products.
Everything is made with HACCP system in the implementation of EC Regulation 852/2004 and Legislative Decree 193/2007 and in accordance with EC Regulation 178/02 on mandatory traceability of food.

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