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Address: S.S. 634 Km 0.700 Via Conversano, 157
Place: Castellana Grotte (BA)
Web site: www.ilparcodeidinosauri.it
Phone: 080 4961410
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Visit the Dinosaur Park Castellana Grotte (Ba) will take you back in time, but so far back, to provide you with the opportunity to learn about animals that gave birth to the wildlife that populates today ns. planet.

A guide will accompany you, allowing adults and children on a journey into the past of our planet Earth: the primary era, "Paleozoic Era", the primordial fish, the ability to adapt so as to bring to life on land, becoming the first in amphibians and then in reptiles, such as the "Dimetrodon".

Was secondary, "Mesozoic Era", which is dominated by the large dinosaurs, extraordinary rulers of the planet for about 160 million years, from Celeofisis, one of the first Theropods to evolve, the Velociraptor, perhaps the last representative of the dinosaurs to become the most extraordinary in animals today populate our. planet, or "birds".

Finally, the '"Cenozoic Era", dominated by mammals, the latter represented within the park from the American Mastodon and some species of hominids "Abilis, Erectus, Neanderthal."

The Dinosaur Park Castellana Grotte (Ba) gives you the chance to admire a splendid open-air museum with life-size animals, faithfully reproduced from fossils found by paleontologists all over the planet from 1820 to the present. Two verses faithfully reproduced, and great imagination in the reproduction of the Tyrannosaurus, Dinosaur Park to give an accurate impression of the will of those who wanted and made ​​the "journey" of an hour in a world unknown to most in the extraordinary history of the of our life. planet.

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