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Address: Piazzale Anelli
Place: Castellana Grotte (BA)
Web site: www.grottedicastellana.it
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The Caves of Castellana are less than 500 meters from the town in south-eastern Murgia at 330 m above sea level, formed in Upper Cretaceous limestone plateau approximately ninety - one hundred million years ago. The sightseeing tour winds its way along a charming setting for more than 1 km. The longer route, it takes two hours and is spread for 3 km, between caves and abysses from the mythological and fantastic names. The natural entrance consists of a huge chasm in the open, a hundred feet deep, called the Grave. By Serious Black Cave or the Lupa Capitolina, after passing the Cavernone of Monuments, passed the sock and then the Cave Owl, crossed the corridor of the Snake, the Cave of the Precipice and Piccolo Paradiso, scroll to the long corridor desert also known as the Grand Canyon basement (of a reddish color due to the presence in that part of the ore) to reach the Cave of the Tower of Pisa, the clear pond water dripping, the Red Corridor, the Cave of the Dome and finally passing from the shimmering pond Crystals, we arrive at the extraordinary Grotta Bianca, defined as the most beautiful cave in the world, radiant and glowing. All made ​​from beautiful stalactite and stalagmite concretions and intercalated by the opening of a sudden galleries of beautiful caves.

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