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Address: contrada capitolo
Place: Monopoli (BA)
Web site: www.acquaparkegnazia.it
Phone: +39.080.5945770/+39.080.5945771
Cellular: -
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The name chosen by the "Group Safari Park" for his brand new water park Monopoly is "AcquaPark Egnatia", this choice is the result of a long and careful analysis of the components that characterize the structure and suggestions that the local boys, they expressed in the referendum held among the school children of the town of Bari. The proximity to the famous archaeological site of Puglia has undoubtedly been an active part in the preference of the name, but even more to stimulate the creativity of marketing. The marketing of the "Group Zoosafari" had in fact perform detailed studies on the history of the place. A job well rewarded when you consider that these studies have revealed interesting and surprising similarities between the customs and traditions of the people who lived at the time "Egnatia" and what you want to achieve with this modern building.

The ancient center of Egnatia was positioned in the middle between two major territories; the Peucezia: name that was attributed to today's province of Bari and the Messapia: Salento territory that corresponded to the present. "Egnatia" as it was called by the Romans or "gnathia" showed how the Greeks, was already an important town from the eighth century BC has often been cited by the great Latin literature: Pliny, Strabo, Horace. The various cultures that have taken place in the management of "Egnatia", Messapians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, had in common a particular adoration for water and for religious ceremonies connected with it. The pinnacle of these cults water, was reached in the Augustan period when right next to the Acropolis was built the "Temple of Cybele", which also included a room with a basin and communicating with the "Shrine of the Eastern gods." One of the functions envisaged for this large pool that was lustral, and that is a ceremony that served to purify the athletes before they enter or exit the temple after having performed their bloody rites. Even the Greek culture towards water was no less than the Roman one. The Greeks have always been given to water very great healing powers to cure many ills and that's why they always intended a particular attachment. Born in Greece, Thalassotherapy ("thalassa" sea "therapeia" treatment) based its curative action of the marine climate.

Never guessed territorial location was more to a water park. "AcquaPark Egnatia" combines history, place and entertainment, creating a magical mix that will give benefits, comfortable and fun. The choice of the names given to the various areas of the park was suggested by the history and mythology of the place and each of myths and hero linked to that area will be widely presented on the explanatory signs. Also this is the modus operandi of the "Group Zoosafari" which works by matching always "Fun and Culture."

  SEASON 2014

The new water park built in Capitolo on the coast of Monopoli is the latest production of the fruit of the creative verve "Group Zoosafari." The success of "AcquaPark Egnatia" was immediate, because he was able to quickly capture the hearts of the audience. Adults and children, singles and groups, everyone appreciated the innovative structures in the super-dynamics and artistic management implemented last summer. The 2014 season, with the structural completion of the project, even more will satisfy all types of visitors by giving them surprises and fun.

The next season will be the one who will consecrate, finally and indisputably, the water park "Egnatia" in 1st place among all the water parks operating in south-central Italy. The business park will start on Saturday, June 14 and will continue until Sunday, September 7 hours a day non-stop from 10.00 to 19.00 for a total of 86 working days. The park will offer: areas for sports activities (soccer, basketball, volleyball, fitness, elastic beds, etc..), Stands for shopping, picnic areas, video games, animation every hour of the day for adults and children. Furthermore, green, gray areas and nebulizers will also refurbish the hottest days.

The huge pool "Ocean" that can simultaneously accommodate more than 800 people, will give great emotions with its gigantic ocean waves. The group of slides "The evidence of Hercules", distinguishable by miles for personal skyline of that mark, are modulated to satisfy everyone's needs, so the prudent as daredevils. The angle on the Family "Zoo Fabulinus" very popular in 2013 will still be a great place for children, which could be controlled by adults positioned nearby and spacious hot tubs "The Baths of Taras." In the 2013 season with 38 days of opening the park has been visited by 65,000 people, the next suggest it at least twice, in consideration of the fact that operating days in 2014 they expect 86 (weather permitting).

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