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Place: Cisternino (BR)
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The Governor's Palace is located near the walls, next door to the so-called Small, historically identified as the Gate of Santa Maria. Its construction is dated to the period of the Venetian domination, so presumably the date of its foundation dates back to the last decades of the sixteenth century. The building was the historic seat of the governor who had the task of supervising the life of the community. At the time of its construction the community managed by the Governor consisted of about 400 fires, ie households, for a total of about 2000 inhabitants. The overall structure of the building follows the more the model of a tower pierced by the arches of the balconies. The portal, slightly to the left, relative to the axis of the two upper verandas, is surrounded by a light frame ashlar laying on the keystone of a coat of arms is difficult to interpret. Inside the building a meandering staircase leading to all floors and two balconies which occur coincide with the plans of the balconies. The first is characterized by an airy veranda arch whose intrados is decorated in classic Renaissance motif of the rosette, very widespread in the ancient village of Cisternino. The arch is supported by two pillars highlighted by elegant frames. The second porch is even more sought after. This time, the arch is supported by two fluted half-columns ending with a capital. The soffit of the arch is highlighted by curbs and rounded by a frame of acanthus leaves. Next you will see two columns suspended arch supported by two masks and a little higher up the classic rosettes are distinguished Renaissance.
Today the palace is divided among different individuals.

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