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Address: P.le Anelli
Place: Castellana Grotte (BA)
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Phone: +39-080-4998230
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The Caves of Castellana finally have their museum ; after almost fifty years, January 23, 2000 was inaugurated in Castellana Grotte - the long-awaited Speleological Museum .
It was designed and funded by the Fund for the South in 1952 and was included in a grand plan that provided for the accommodation tourist- urban area above the caves ; but this initial project will be realized only building for the offices of the Directorate of the Caves, the Speleological Museum and the Tower of elevators .
In 1953 , prof. Rings wrote enthusiastically :
In the main building of the first batch of works for the urban and tourist accommodation outside of the caves of Castellana, prepared by the Cassa per il Mezzogiorno , has already completed the wide and luminous hall for a Speleological Museum in layman's main function is to spread the knowledge of the studies of the natural subsoil through an effective illustration of the underworld and of the phenomena that take place in it , or that have taken place in the distant past of the geological history of Italy, physical, biological , anthropogenic , etc. ....
The prof. Franco Anelli has not been able to see his dream realized . Although the building used to house the Museum had been completed , you never gave start to its construction. The indifference of the directors of the time meant that the room for a long time , has been transformed , first , clubbing and other long years, it was abandoned

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