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Museo del Territorio "Casa Pezzolla"  

Alberobello (BA) - Piazza XXVII Maggio

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Museo del Vino "G. De Santis"  

Alberobello (BA) - Via Due Macelli, 8

 The wine museum of Alberobello is located within the Albea winery, the historic home was built in the early years of the 900 thanks to [...]


Museo dell'Olio  

Alberobello (BA) - Via Verdi 7

The Oil Museum was created to pay homage to a local food and wine product that embodies some of the core values ​​of the community alberobel [...]


Museo Speleologico Franco Anelli  

Castellana Grotte (BA) - P.le Anelli

The Caves of Castellana finally have their museum ; after almost fifty years, January 23, 2000 was inaugurated in Castellana Grotte - the lo [...]


Scavi di Egnazia  

Fasano (BR) - Strada Comunale delle Carceri

Egnatia is an ancient city in Apulia (of which only ruins remain today), near present Fasano. It was the center of the Messapians place at t [...]


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